Cat Show, CFA/WCF in Barcelona, April 8/9, 2017

We remain at your entire disposal for any further information you might need.

It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to enter his/her cat under its correct registered name, registered ownership, and in the correct class. See the CFA Registration Certificate for the EXACT registered name, registered ownership, and other data required for entry (see CFA Show Rules for color class number).

Show Management is expressly PROHIBITED from accepting a Championship, Premiership, Provisional Breed, AOV or Miscellaneous entry unless the Entry Form contains the CFA registration number as shown on the CFA registration certificate or a 4 generations pedigree from another recognized association is sent to the Entry Clerk and the exhibitor accept a pending status untill a TNR form is submitted at the show with the appropriate fees.

WARNING: CFA's show rules require that the correct CFA registration number be provided at the time you are submitting entry information for any cat being entered in Championship or Premiership classes and/or for any cat/kitten in the AOV, Provisional or Miscellaneous classes. Failure to provide the correct registration number at time of entry will cause the cancellation of ALL awards achieved at this show except if you submit a TNR with the appropriate fees at the Entry Clerk.
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